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Ari D'marish

Personel Record:
Age:   18
Race: Teli
Gender: Female
Position: Chief Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Ellington D'marish (father, age 43); Terri D'marish( Mother, age 44)
Siblings: Eldin D'marish (Brother, age 21); Rinna D'marish (Sister, age 15)
Children: None

Service Record:
USS Ark Royal

**Report given by Dr. Jayla Kij, Counselor and good friend of House D'marish**
Ari is- there is no other word for it- content. She seems happy no matter where she is or what she has or doesn't have. She never asks for more, but at the same time, never says no when more is offered to her. She is quite ambitious, but not enough to get her into any trouble. She is slow to anger and VERY patient, especially with young children. Perhaps her only flaw is her timidity and shyness. She sometimes appears snobbish or haughty because of it. It takes just the right promptings to open her shell and get her to speak up, but, with the right training she is sure to open up permanently.

Born on Alcar to a family of lower nobles, Ari was taught the basics of court life from a very early age. Before birth, she was estimated to be around a 10 or 11, but at birth, it was discovered she was actually a 2. This surprised her family, but when it came time, they sent her off to Imlay Academy as was expected of her. She was the typical high-ranked Alcaren for most of her time at school: arrogant, brash and the leader of her group of friends. She always had a kind heart towards the younger students, however, and wouldn't allow anyone to pick on them. In her final year, there was a horrible accident involving a test missile that was never have supposed to leave ground and one of the dormitories was destroyed. A young boy was trapped in the rubble and since Ari was the strongest present, the teachers and school administrators asked her to help him out. Being arrogant in her powers, Ari figured she didn't need to go into the hole to get him, but only lifted the beam which had been pinning him and pulling the boy to safety with her mind. However, she rejoiced too soon and lost her hold on the boy. Before she could stop him, his brother ran down after him and both slid from sight as the rubble shifted and fell farther into the ground. Ari ran in after them, tears blinding her eyes, and pulled and threw various pieces of rubble until she came to them. However, it was too late and both boys were lost. Nobody ever blamed her, but it affected her for the rest of her life. She was no longer arrogant, but suddenly turned timid and shy. (The men responsible for the rogue test missile were prosecuted and are still in prison today.) Upon leaving Imlay Academy at age 14, she followed several other Alcarens to Starfleet Academy where she studied war and defense tactics with a minor in engineering. She graduated fifth in her class and was sent immediately to the Ark Royal under the command of the Princess Captain Alexandria Francis. On the way there, her shuttle was caught in a fight between the whole fleet and an alien race. She was knocked unconscious for awhile, but the doctor, an Alcaren, kept her from going into stasis. Upon waking, she took her place as acting chief of tactical, since she was the only tactical officer on board.

Notes: Being Compiled


Simmer Improvement Award

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