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Welcome to the website of the U.S.S. Ark Royal. The Ark Royal is a play-by-email (PBeM) simulation set aboard a Quantum Class starship and based in the 9th Fleet, Delta Quadrant. It is currently assigned to the AQSG Simming group. It is currently serving in the Delta Quadrant working from Starbase Proxima 5, The U.S.S. Ark Royal is one of the more advanced starships in the Federation.

If you're interested in joining the sim and becoming a Starfleet officer proceed to the website and read through the site. For more information contact Captain Alexandria Francis, the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Ark Royal.
TERMS OF USAGE By entering the USS Ark Royal website, you agree to the following terms: Any text information found on this site may be used as long as it is properly credited. All graphics that have been created for this site are property of this site and cannot be used, copied, modified, or edited without permission. Only images that are public domain may be used, such as Starfleet and Federation logos. All other images such as buttons, bars, custom graphics, rank images, crew pictures, episode posters, etc. may not be used. If you have any questions in regards to use of graphics or this site, contact the site administrator.

All rank pip graphics contained in this website were created by Steve Marriott of the Tango Fleet RPG and originally designed for same. Please do not copy any of the pips from this site, instead, if you would like them, visit and Steven will happily pass along the files free of charge to anyone who takes the time to ask him for their usage.
LEGAL INFORMATION Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek movies, etc. are all Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. This site is a purely fan-based web-page and has not been set up for commercial purposes. This web-page is Copyright 2002. This site is contributed to by the members of the sim. All crew biographies, crew images, episode posters and other original artwork are all copyright of their individual creators. Use only with permission. All images by outside bodies or people unrelated to the USS Ark Royal PBeM Sim have been credited to the authors at the end of the page where they are shown when possible.
Site designed and created by:
Vice Admiral John Etling - Commander: Delta Quadrant; 9th Fleet - C.O.: U.S.S. Lightflash