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Spread throughout the ship, though primarily in the saucer section, the Science Labs serve as locations for any members of the crew to do whatever research is necessary (or even preferred).




Stellar Cartography is part of the Science Department and its primary function is to examine the political structures and statistics of all major political powers in all known galaxies. A geopolitical map of the galaxy is available for those who wish to view the relative political borders of the governments listed in this section.

Utilizing Holo-emitters they are the cutting edge of Federation computer technology, allowing for highly accurate Starship course control, and even long-term projections of Astronomical events.

The main viewscreen reaches from floor to ceiling and is controlled from the main console that faces it. The imaging database is driven by an advanced holographic generator which obtains its data from Ark Royal's central computer core. The lab is directly linked to the Ark's sensor arrays so that incoming data instantly updates existing records. Ark's sensors can detect everything from nebulae to specific minerals on individual planets. The viewscreen can display everything from an overview of the entire galaxy to a specific region of a planet when information on political alliances and alien borders can be displayed as detailed maps. As well as showing complex data and sensor readings as computer graphics, the screen can relay visual data such as log entries and can also be used as a conventional viewscreen to establish face-to-face communication. These displays can be overlaid with charts, labels and grids to show Ark's most recent course or a projected course, or just internal ship schematics.

Apart from the main console that faces the main viewscreen, there are secondary consoles on either side of the main console on the outer walls which handle functions such as radiative flux measurements, stellar cartography and spectral analysis.

A central console (located, upon entering the lab, on the right hand side of the room) controls the comm link such as receipt of the signal and manipulation to produce the best quality.



The Xenobiology lab is shared by Sickbay and Sciences, and is used to study all new forms of life the crew encounters.


The Holography lab is one of the most frequently used by the Science Department, having the ability the let them visualize thier theories in 3D. It is als used by the technicians in Holographic research.