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Michael Antonio Torres

Personel Record:
Rank: Commander
Age:   29
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Position: Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Cdr. Jose A. Torres , deceased; Cdr. Marisol Torres is currently assigned to Starfleet Academy teaching Anthroplogy.
Siblings: Lt. Cdr. Juanita Torres, age 30, currently serving on DS5; Lt (jg). Jose A. Torres II (twin brother); and Daniel Torres, 26, is a chef in Chicago, IL.
Children: None

Service Record:

U.S.S. Excalibur
U.S.S. Discovery
Advanced Starship Design Bureau
U.S.S. Ark Royal


U.S.S. Excalibur
U.S.S. Discovery
Advanced Starship Design Bureau
U.S.S. Ark Royal

**Report given by Commander T'Pok, Counselor ASDB; Earth**

"Michael is a nice, friendly, easy going guy, he is an extremely driven individual. When he believes that something can be done when others don't, he will not stop until he proves them wrong. He is very logical for a human, even if he does allow emotion to sometimes interfere with his judgement."

Michael and his twin were born while his father and mother were serving on the USS Galaxy. Being typical Starfleet bratts they roamed around the Fedeation with their parents, as they went from assingment to assignment. Michael and his brother Jose entered Starfleet Academy at the age of seventeen. Michael had always been fascinated by what how starships worked as a child he would build model starship engines that were as acurate as possible. So it was no surprise when he decided to devote himself to engineering. Michael graduated from the Academy in 2378.

One of the high lights of his academy days was during his third year, he participated in the field study program at the San Francisco ShipYards orbiting Earth. While there he assisted in the refitting of the Federation flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E. Upon his graduation in 2378 he was assigned to the U.S.S. Excalibur as a mission specialist. For two years he worked as hard if not harder then most of his peers. For his hard work he was given a promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.) and reassigned to the U.S.S. Discovery as an Assistant Chief of Operations. A year later he was promoted to full Lieutenant and was made the Discovery's Chief of Operations upon the retirement of his mentor Commander Jeffery Jordon. For the next two years Michael served as the Chief of Operations of the Discovery, exploring space and helping to expand man's knowledge of the universe. During his time on the Discovery Michael was decorated twice for bravery, and received several citations for his engineering feats. In 2382 he was given an appointment to Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau. While there he was part of a team in charge of designing several new classes of starships. In 2386, after four years of helping to design starships, Michael felt the need to feel space under his feet again and requested assignment on the first ship available.

Even though Michael had only served on the Ark Royal, he has already shown his worth. First he helped to drive off Borg invaders that had infiltrated the ship. Then as the ship's Chief Operations officer he was part of the group that went after Fleet Captain Rhoon, who had been captured by the Borg. Soon after that rescue the Michael was named the ship's Chief Engineer, to replace Commander Argon who had become the ship's XO. Michael supervised the repairs and modifcations to the Ark Royal after the first attack of the Serniam. It was shortly after the refit that he was promoted to the rank of full Commander. Michael has recenlty accepted the position of First Officer of the Ark Royal due to Commander Argon's transfer.


Officer of The Year 2002 (OOC)Delta Quadrant ExpansionOne Year of ServiceMission Interaction Award

Medal of HonorStarfleet Cross AwardNebula Star AwardFederation Order of Merit

Presidential CitationGood ConductFirst Contact with ClusterDiplomatic Distinction

Boarding Repulsion with ClusterStarfleet Victory AwardEngineering Achievement with 2 ClustersBorg Victory