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R’Okanni Doria Ro

Personnel Record:
Rank: Ensign
Age:   20
Race: Bajoran / Klingon Hybrid
Gender: Female
Position: CONN Officer on the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Kang-Ro Doria (Mother; Bajoran, deceased) and Jorda Kang (Father; Klingon, believed deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: None

Service Record:
U.S.S. Challenger U.S.S. Ark Royal

**Report given by Former Captain Jason Lee**
“R’Okanni is a very bright young woman who is eager to learn. She performs her duties well, and is not afraid to offer her opinion of anything. R’Okanni’s most problematic trait is her temper, which is probably why she has not advanced in rank yet. She has a chip on her shoulder the size of the Warp Core, and this often flares up off duty. I believe this behavior is a defense mechanism, although I would advise against discussing this with her. She does not make friends very quickly, and the bonds she does form with other members of the crew are fragile, but I believe she is a very caring person at heart. All considered, R’Okanni has the potential to become an exemplary officer.”

R’Okanni was born R’Okanni Doria Kang to Kang-Ro Doria and Jorda Kang. She grew up on Deep Space Nine, the only child with Klingon forehead and Bajoran nose ridges, much to the amusement of the other children. Her father was abusive, and left the family when R’Okanni was only 9. She and her mother adopted her mother’s maiden name, but in an effort to fit in with the other children, R’Okanni did not follow the Bajoran custom concerning names (last names usually come first).

She got a good education aboard the station, but never made friends with the other children. Her mother became worried, and requested the help of Major Kira. She slowly but surely got through to R’Okanni, even though the girl’s temper and hostility threatened to drive her crazy. But the Major saw something of what she used to be in the girl, so she tried harder. Kira became her guardian after R’Okanni’s mother was killed on an away mission. She fell into a deep depression, and would only talk to Kira. She was often on the command deck with the Major, and enthusiastically watched the ships fly in and out of the wormhole. Glad to see R’Okanni interested in something, Kira arranged for piloting lessons. R’Okanni was flying solo by the time she was 16.

Star Fleet personnel stationed on DS9 recognized her talent, and encouraged her to spread her wings and take advantage of all the things Star Fleet had to offer. Her mother had always wanted her to join the Bajoran military, but R’Okanni felt uncomfortable on Bajor—even though they went out of her way to make her feel at home. So, almost at the age of 17, she applied, and was accepted, to Star Fleet Academy. She graduated early at the top of her class at the age of 19, joined the crew of the U.S.S. Challenger to serve her first year in Star Fleet. But within seven months she was transferred to the U.S.S Arc Royal as an Ensign.



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