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We here on the U.S.S. Ark Royal 5 do not employ too many rules. It has been the decision of the group that too many rules begin to stagnate the sim itself and dulls the experience by having to correct things or discipline people for stepping outside the boundaries. Therefore we only ask that the following rules be followed at all times before posts are sent out. Please double check your posts and read over them a second or third time. I find reading the post backwards helps you find clerical errors as the human brain can fill in words or take words out when you know what the paragraph is supposed to say.

1) Respect all other players. Do not take liberty with their characters without their expressed written permission a head of time. No flaming of any type for any reason. If you are experiencing a problem with someone on the list. Please check out the command crew listing and talk to any of those members that you feel comfortable with to help resolve any issues you may have.

2) Probably the most important of all, have fun. Plain and simple.

3) Keep the course language to a minimum. If possible, please use other characters such as ( *, !, |, @ # $% ^^) in place of cursing or crude language. We'd like to keep the list as clean as possible.

That's it. Please check back to this web page occasionally to check for any updates. We will in all likelihood post any changes but sometimes email problems happen.

Happy Simming,
U.S.S. Ark Royal Command Crew