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Shii Muning

Personel Record:
Rank: Lieutenant J.G.
Age:   21
Race: 1/2 Asian Human, 1/2 Bajoran
Gender: Female
Position: Chief Counsellor of the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Yao Muning (father), Lirani Muning

Service Record:
Academy: 132nd in a class of 646. Graduated with honors. On the Academy swimming and diving teams.

Deep Space Five

USS Ark Royal

**Report given by former Counselor Shauna O'Brian, Starfleet Academy**
Shii is usually kind and gentle, but don't get her angry. It's not a good idea, as she is trained since birth in Kung Fu. She loves to eat chocolate, her favorite food is shrimp, and and she has two tokinese cats named Bast and Sheba. She loves to read, and paint with ancient brushes and papyrus. She loves to draw and paint with oil colors. Shii is a fun loving girl who just wants to have a good time, but not at the expense of her work. She likes it when everyone smiles, and will go out of her way to make someone smile. She loves her friends very much and will do anything for them.

Shii was born the younger of twin girls to a Human from Beijing, and a Bajoran on Earth in Taiwan. The girls were inseparable most of their lives. There was always one difference between them.....Shii's mole at the base of her neck just to the right. As long as that mole was visible, it was always clear who was who. They loved to swim in the open sea near their home. There was another difference in their personalities......Li loved the outdoors and Shii prefered to stay clean. Their father insisted they learn to live off the land, but Shii shunned it and complained whenever her father insisted they learn how survive in the wild. Shii prefered to curl up with a good book and her cats. She did, however, love to swim and dive in the pools at the gym and became very competitive in it. Her father was a psychiatrist and wanted one of his daughters to follow in his footsteps, but Li was so gung ho in her training in the Martial Arts that Starfleet put her in the Marine Corps. Shii had her father's knack for figuring out people's problems and was put into the Starfleet Medical to become a Counsellor, and she is now awaiting her first assignment.