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Taylor Davis

Personel Record:
Rank: Lieutenant
Age:   29
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Position: Chief Operations Officer of the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Father: Brian Davis, Scientist - agricultural research. Mother: Margaret Davis, Teacher. Both parents are deceased, they perished in a fire.
Siblings: None
Children: None

Service Record:
Starfleet Academy - Major: Starship Operations; Minor: Quantum Physics
Starfleet Command Training School
USS Butler
USS Armagosa
Starbase 441
USS Greene -- Assimilated by the Borg, believed dead. USS Greene destroyed. Of 342 crew, only 18 survivors were rescued.
Starfleet Medical Rehabilitation Center (Medical Leave)
U.S.S. Ark Royal, Chief Operations Officer

**Report given by Commander Geoffrey Pell, Counselor ASDB; Earth**
Taylor is a 'career' Starfleet officer. She is dedicated to the Federation, and the primary focus of her life has been Starfleet. She is not one to give up easily, nor will she accept a defeatist attitude from those who work with her or under her command. Since the unfortunate deaths of her parents caused by an accidental fire at their family home, Taylor has shown signs of some depression however she is coping as well as can be expected following such a loss. She has a marked tendency to bottle her emotions inside rather than allow her feelings to show and seem 'weak'.

Taylor was an excellent student as a child and into her adult years. She excelled in her classes and remained in the top 5% of her class throughout her education. Taylor studied gymnastics and competed on her school gymnastics teams throughout her early education. Then later, Taylor developed an interest in marital arts during her four years at Seattle University, and eventually earned a 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate. She also took up fencing when her best friend did, although she much preferred the disciple of the martial arts. As part of her fencing training, she studied several forms of dance from ballet to contemporary in order to improve her speed and agility.

After graduation from Seattle University, Taylor was accepted into Starfleet Academy. She was a member of the Academy Karate Team throughout her time at the Academy. Taylor graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2378, during her final year at the Academy, she was accepted for the Starfleet Command School and continued her education there before her first assignment.

Taylor was assimilated by the Borg while stationed aboard the USS Greene, a Cheetah class starship. She remained Borg for one full year before being separated from the Collective and regaining her individuality. Almost all of the Borg Implants were removed, but she has an 8 point star shaped implant at the base of her neck, just at the collarbone on the left side. In her right hand and forearm she still has the assimilation tubes given to all Borg drones, though there are no active nanites to dispense. Her hand is marked with dark grey metallic bands running along all fingers and across the back of her hand to disappear into her arm. Her bone and musculature are enhanced and stronger due to the nanoprobes still within her body.

Her parents were both killed accidentally just a few weeks after she was recovered from the Borg, a fire broke out at their home from a faulty appliance in the kitchen area. The fire spread swiftly, and both her Mother and Father succumbed to smoke inhalation.

Taylor was recovered from the Borg due to a malfunctioning vincullum aboard the Scout Class Sphere vessel she was aboard. The Sphere ship crashed on an uninhabited planet, severing the link to the Collective. When found by a Starfleet survey vessel, of 40 drones originally aboard the small scout Sphere only 6 were still alive. Those six had by this time regained their individuality and were struggling to survive their bodies rejection of their implants.

After spending almost 3 years as a Borg, followed by six months of rehabilitation, Starfleet marked Taylor as fit to return to duty should she so desire. Because of the death of her parents, she accepted reassignment into the Fleet.