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Partial Timeline of the Star Trek Universe

The following is a partial history of Federation history.

15 Billion years ago: The Milky Way galaxy is formed.

6 Billion years ago: The Guardian of Forever is created.

5 Billion years ago: The Sol system and the surrounding stellar systems are formed.

2 Billion years ago: The civilization of Tagus III flourishes, it is possible that the Tagans were the ancients that seeded most of the galaxy with life. The first single cell organisms evolve on Earth.

1 Million years ago: The inhabitants of Oragnia evolve beyond the need for physical bodies.

600,000 years ago: The T’Kon Empire vanishes when the primary star of their homeworld goes nova during the "Age of Makto". The Arretians explored much of the galaxy and planted colonies on several worlds.

500,000 years ago: The Bajoran civilization flourishes. The primary star of Exo III begins to fade, rendering the surface uninhabitable. The natives pursue life underground, building the android servants that eventually destroyed them. Arret is rendered lifeless as a result of a massive war. Talos IV is nearly destroyed in a nuclear war. The Talosians pursue a troglike existence and develop their psionic, however the become addicted to the realistic fantasies that their abilities could create to the detriment of their civilization.

200,000 years ago: The Iconian civilization flourishes.

50,000 years ago: The Horta of Janus IV began their most recent reproductive cycle. A revolution begins on the planet Cheron, it turns into a race war that eventually destroys its people.

25,000 years ago: The first of 947 archeological expeditions to the ruins on Tagus III takes place. The first Trill symbiots are formed.

10,000 years ago: The Machine-God Vaal of Gamma Trianguli IV becomes operational. The Fabrini system is destroyed by a stellar explosion. The inhabitants set out for Daran V in a sublight, generational starship (planetoid configuration). A race of sophonts who formed symbiotic relationships with their living starships become extinct. The Kalandan Empire is destroyed by a plague.

6,000 years ago: The leader of Beta III, Landru, (in the C-111 star group) leads a religious movement. To insure his reforms survive him, Landru creates a supercomputer to control the lives and civilization of the planet after his death. An extra-galactic civilization takes humans from Earth in order to train them and return them to Earth to prevent human society from self-destructing. An ice age begins on Sigma Draconis IV, triggering a remarkable cultural regression.

5,000 years ago: Earth is visited by a race of interstellar travelers who are mistaken for gods by the ancient Greeks. The last of these, known as Apollo to the Greeks, dies in 2270, when he realizes that humans have grown beyond the need for such "gods". The planetary cloaking shield of Aldea becomes operational.

4,000 years ago: The first large scale human civilizations from on Earth.

3,834 BC: The nearly immortal Flint was born in Mesopotamia. He finally dies in 23rd century.

600 BC: The Hebrew Bible is written, it will become the basis for Judaism and its daughter religions, Christianity and Islam.

400 BC: The star Sahndara explodes, survivors of that disaster visit Earth where they become admirers of Plato. In 200 BC they leave Earth to found a society based on Plato’s Republic.

10 BC: The house of Sarek establishes its ancestral home in the city of ShiKahr on Vulcan.

4 BC: The reputed birth of Jesus of Nazareth. His teachings become the basis for the Christian religion.

100 AD: Surak of Vulacn begins to preach his philosophy of logic, stoicism and non-violence.

175 AD: The Roman Empire on planet 892-IV completes its conquest of that world.

625 AD: The Prophet Muhammad writes the Quran, which becomes the basis for the Islamic faith.

800 AD: A civil war breaks out on Solais V, which continues until the 24th century.

850 AD: The people of Kaelon II adopt the custom of resolution, ritual suicide at the age of 60.

1368 AD: The people of Ventax II make a deal with the Goddess Ardra, and usher in a period of sustainable growth and ecological recovery.

1373 AD: The Promellian-Menthar Wars end with the destruction of both sides.

1400 AD: The planet Kataan is destroyed by a stellar explosion.

1600 AD: The cloud city of Stratos is built on Ardana.

1609 AD: Galileo Galilei constructs Earth’s first astronomical telescope. He is convicted of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church for challenging the Terra-Centric cosmology. The church eventually admits that Galileo was right and that the Earth orbits the sun and not vice versa.

4 July 1776 AD: The United States of America declares its independence from Great Britain, making the first human modern attempt at large scale republican government.

21 Aug 1813 AD: The preservers transplant colonies of Americans to distant Class M planets.

1860 AD: The civilization of Beta Portalan is destroyed by a mass insanity.

1866 AD: Slavery is abolished in the United States, the last western power to do so.

12 Jan 1905 AD: Albert Einstein publishes his Theory of General Relativity.

28 July 1914 AD: Earth’s 1st World War begins in the aftermath of the assassination of Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist.

11 Nov 1918 AD: Earth’s 1st World War ends when the allies impose the Treaty of Versailles on Germany.

10 Jan 1920 AD: The League of Nations is founded in Geneva. It marks the first human attempt at global government. Its effectiveness is hampered, however, by the refusal of the United States, whose president proposed the league, to join.

29 Oct 1929 AD: A huge stock market crash in the United States plunges the entire industrialized world into an economic depression. Poverty is widespread even in the great powers of Earth.

18 Nov 1930 AD: Social worker Edith Keeler is killed in an auto accident in Brooklyn, NY.

1932 AD: Seven women knifed to death in Shanghai, China.

1 May 1934 AD: The very first Dixon Hill story, by Tracy Torme’, The Big Goodbye appears in Amazing Detective Stories Magazine.

1 Aug 1936 AD: The last Dixon Hill story, by Tracy Torme’, The Long Dark Tunnel appears in Amazing Detective Stories Magazine.

3 Sept 1939 AD: The Earth’s 2nd World War begins, when Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, invades Poland.

9 Aug 1945 AD: The Earth’s 2nd World War ends when the United States detonates a 2nd nuclear weapon over the Japaneese city of Nagasaki. During the war the Germans systematically murdered over 11 million non-combatants, most of the Jews, in a system of death capms across Europe. The Allied powers, led by the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union began a series of trials, over the objetions of the major European chruches, of the German leadership for genocide and other crimes against humanity and executed most of them. Adlof Hitler was not among those tried, he committed suicide to avoid capture by the Soviet Army.

12 Oct 1945 AD: The United Nations Organization is chartered in San Franciso, CA. The UN is Earth’s 2nd attempt at unified government. Unlike the League of Nations, it enjoys the participation of all of Earth’s great powers.

4 Oct 1957 AD: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, Earth’s first artifical satellite.

12 Apr 1961 AD: Yuri Gaarin becomes the 1st human in space aborad the spacecraft Vostook 1.

1963 AD: Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed.

2 Mar 1968 AD: Agent Gary Seven engineers the destruction of a United States Orbital Nuclear Weapons Platform 120 km over the Soviet Union in order to frighten the great powers of Earth into not destroying each other.

1968 AD: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Signed.

20 July 1969 AD: Neil Armstrong becomes the 1st human to set foot on the moon aboard the American spacecraft Apollo 11.

1972 AD: The United States space probe Pioneer 10 is launched, and becomes the 1st man-made object to leave the Sol system in 1983.

1974 AD: Five women knifed to death in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR. Dr. Victor A. Garcia is born.

1976 AD: The United States of America celebrates its Bicentennial and becomes the longest lived republic in the history of mankind, surpassing the longevity of the Roman Republic. The United States robot lander Viking 1 lands on Mars.

28 Jan 1986 AD: The crew of the United S tates Space Shuttle Challenger is killed when the orbiter explodesseconds after launch.

1992 AD: Kahn Noonian Singh assumes behind the scenes control of the Indian government. Other genetically engineered supermen assume similar control in the Balkans, Africa, and Asia.

1996 AD: The last of the brushfire wars caused by the supermen peter out. Later historians will refer to these conflicts as the Eugenics Wars.

Earth scientists announce the discovery that a Mars meteorite may contain fossilized evidence of primitive bacterial life. While the findings are considered inconclusive, the possibility that life may exist or have once existed on the Red Planet adds urgency to Martian exploration efforts.

1999 AD: Voyager 6 is launched to investigate alien transmissions detected by NASA.

Astronomers make the first direct observation of an extrasolar planet passing in front of a star, leading scientists to conclude that planetary systems may be a common phenomenon in the galaxy and boosting optimism that intelligent life exists elsewhere.

2000 AD: The first resident crew of the International Space Station Alpha launches into orbit, establishing a permanent human presence in space. Mankind is no longer a purely planet-bound species.

2001 AD: A terrorist attack on the United States leaves thousands of innocent civilians dead, a horrific tragedy that forces all nations of the world to re-evaluate their values and priorities, and galvanizes the people of Earth to strive harder to put their differences behind them.

2002 AD: Nomad 1 is launched by NASA.

2004 AD: 1st manned mission to Mars.

2009 AD: 1st manned mission to Saturn, commanded by Captain Shaun G. Christopher (USAF) is launched.

2018 AD: Propulsion technologies, and speeds, continue to improve. "Sleeper ships" become a thing of the past.

2025 AD: Reunification of Ireland by the Treaty of Rotterdam between the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the European Union.

4 July 2025 AD: Puerto Rico becomes the 51st U.S. State.

12 Oct 2026 AD: Matsuo Bokai of the London Kings breaks Joe DiMaggio’s (NY. Yankees) hitting record.

2030 AD: Zephrem Cochrane is born.

2032 AD: Lieutenant John Kelly, piloting the Ares IV command module in Mars orbit, reports the approach of a large unknown object seconds before he and his craft vanish. Crewmates Rose Kumagawa and Andrei Novakovich, on the planet surface at the time, are stranded but later rescued.

2033 AD: Cuba becomes the 52nd U.S. State.

2036 AD: The United Nations Treaty on Human Rights is adopted by every major power. Among its provisions is that no human citizen may be held accountable for the crimes of an ancestor.

2037 AD: The NASA Interstellar Probe Charbydis is launched, it is presumed lost in 2040 when telemetry ceases.

2040 AD: Advances in holography render television obsolete.

2053 AD: Earth’s 3rd World War begins.

2054 - 2063 AD?: Earth’s 3rd World War ends.

5 Apr 2063 AD: The first successful warp drive test is conducted by Zephrem Cochrane. Fir st Contact with the Vulcans is made.

2064 AD: Martian Colonies are founded.

2065 AD: SS Valiant is launched on a deep space exploration mission and is destroyed near the galactic rim, by her captain, to prevent psionic enhanced crewmen from returning to Earth.

2066 AD: Centauri Colonies are founded.

2067 AD: The Great Awakening on Argelius II. The last Klingon Emperor is assassinated in a power struggle. Sir John Burke of the Royal Academy discovers Sherman’s Planet.

Because previous deep-space exploration attempts ultimately failed, a new approach, an unmanned probe named Friendship 1, leaves Earth with a message of peace, warp technology instructions, and an invitation to visit Earth.

2103 AD: Humanity establishes a foothold on Mars and the colonization process begins.

2105 AD: Women knifed to death in Kennedyport, Mars.

2113 AD: Having learned the lessons of the last World War, the first united Earth government is established. Australia is the only nation that declines membership.

2119 AD: The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the dedication ceremony. Cochrane, now advanced in years and a resident of the Alpha Centauri system, soon takes off for "parts unknown."

2123 AD: SS Mariposa departs bearing colonists bound for the Ficus Sector.

2150 AD: Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government.

2156 –2160 AD: Romulan Wars between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire. The war ends after the Treaty of Algeron is signed, the treaty also established the boundaries for the Romulan Neutral Zone. United Federation of Planets is founded and Starfleet is established.

2167 AD: USS Archon is lost of Beat III in the C-111 star group. USS Essex is lost off MA-BU VI.

2168 AD: USS Horizon visits Sigma Iota II and is later lost in that star group.

2217 AD: USS Valiant is lost near Eminiar VII in the NGC-321 star cluster.

2218 AD: Starfleet adopts its General Orders after its disastrous first contact with the Klingon Empire.

2224 AD: Dr. Richard Daystrom is born.

2236 AD: SS Columbia is lost near Talos IV.

2245 AD: The first Constitution Class starships are introduced.

2248 AD: Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the duotronic computer system. Kodos the Executioner seizes power on Tarsus IV during a fungal plague that causes a food shortage and systematically murders 4,000 colonists in order to "preserve the more valued members of the colony" those chosen to die are selected in accordance with Kodos’ own personal prejudices.

2261(SD 0000.00) Stardate System is adopted by the Federation.

SD 1136.75: Captain James T. Kirk assumes command of the USS Enterprise, by the end of the 5 year mission she is the only ship out of 12 Constitution Class Starships to return home.

SD 1709.1: Romulans violate the Neutral Zone for the first time since 2060.

SD 2817.6: Kodos the Executioner, masquerading as the actor Anton Karidian, is killed following his discovery aboard the USS Enterprise.

SD 3141.9: Kahn Noonian Singh discovered aboard the sleeper ship SS Botany Bay and is marooned on Ceti Alpha V by Capt. James T. Kirk.

SD 3198.4: Organian Peace Treaty is imposed upon the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

SD 3346.25: The Romulans and the Klingons form an alliance, as a result the Romulans adopt some Klingon starship designs; and the Klingons gain cloaking technology.

SD 3842.3: 2nd Babel Conference, called to consider the admission of Coridan into the Federation is nearly disrupted by Orion terrorists.

SD 4372.5: The USS Enterprise accidentally intrudes on Tholian Space and is nearly captured by the Tholian Defense Force.

SD 4657.5: The experimental M-5 synaptic computer malfunctions and kills over 600 Starfleet personnel at the Starbase 12 weapons range.

SD 5031.3: USS Enterprise nearly triggers a 2nd Romulan War, while undergoing a classified mission for Starfleet Intelligence. As a result the Federation acquires a working Romulan cloaking device.

SD 5725.3: Memory Alpha, slated to be the main repository of Federation Knowledge, is destroyed by an alien intelligence just before its completion.

SD 6614.9: USS Enterprise returns to Earth after completing three consecutive 5 year missions and begins an extensive refit.

SD 7412.6: USS Enterprise is launched, after 18 months of being refitted, in order to investigate a strange energy cloud heading towards Earth.

SD 8130.3: USS Reliant lost in combat with the USS Enterprise in the Mutara Nebula, after the USS Reliant is hijacked by Khan Noonian Sigh. The Genesis Device is detonated in the nebula, and a new Class M world is created.

SD 8390.0: The USS Enterprise is lost to a Klingon Bird of Prey near the Genesis planet. Tectonic instability caused by the use of proto-matter in the planet’s matrix caused the planet to explode a few months after it was created.

SD 8390.0: Alien probe of unknown origin nearly destroys Earth. Humpback whales begin to repopulate the oceans of the Earth. USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A is commissioned.

SD 8454.1: Transwarp Development Project is declared unsuccessful by Starfleet Command. The USS Excelsior, previously classified as an experimental vessel with an NX registry prefix, is redesignated as NCC-2000.

SD 9521.6: The Klingon moon Praxis explodes due to insufficient mining safety precautions. This poses such a serious threat to the Klingon homeworld that the Khitomer Accords is signed with the Federation. USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A is decommissioned after suffering severe damage while defending the Khitomer Peace Conference.

SD 9934.0: The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B (Excelsior Class), is launched under the command of Captain John Harriman. Captain James T. Kirk is killed while trying to save the Enterprise-B from an unknown energy ribbon.

SD 12934.75: The government of Rutia IV denies a bid by the Ansata separatists for independence. The Ansata embark on a campaign of terror that is finally crushed in 2366.

SD 18373.5: The Tomed Incident between the Federation and the Romulans. Thousands of Federation lives are lost in a Romulan sneak attack. Romulans enter a phase of extreme isolationism.

SD 24591.75: The Cardassian Union annexes Bajor.

SD 27879.0: The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, is lost somewhere near the Federation / Klingon / Romulan boarder.

SD 27879.0: The government of Turkana IV begins to fall apart after violent disputes arise over general election returns.

SD 28854.75: The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C (Ambassador Class), is launched from Earth Station McKinley under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett.

SD 30420.75: The USS Enterprise-C is destroyed while defending a Klingon outpost on Narendra III. This sacrifice helps to cement relations between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

SD 31105.25: Four thousand Klingons are brutally killed during a Romulan sneak attack.

SD 32142.0: The isolinear computer chip is perfected.

SD 32658.25: War breaks out between the Federation and the Cardassian Union.

SD 33023.5: Terok Nor mining station is built by the Cardassians and is placed in orbit around Bajor.

SD 35135.0: Talarian forces side with the Cardassian Union against the Federation. Stardate Reform. Henceforth one year is equal to 1000 stardates. The calendar is arbitrarily reset to Stardate 38000.00.

SD 41153.7 (2364): Captain Jean-Luc Picard is given command of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D (Galaxy Class), the fifth starship to bear the name Enterprise. First Contact with the entity known as Q.

SD 41986.0: The Romulans emerge from the isolationist phase with the Federation, after their outposts along the Neutral Zone begin vanishing.

Androids awarded full civil rights within the Federation.

SD 4276 1.3: First Contact with the Borg.

SD 43462.5 (2366): Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok defects to the Federation. He believes that the Romulan Empire is trying to start a war that neither side can win. The Admiral committed suicide after finding out that his defection was for nothing, the Romulan High command was testing his loyalty.

SD 44001.4 (2367): 39 Federation starships are destroyed and over 11,000 people are killed in attempted Borg incursion.

SD 44665.3: An uneasy truce is reached between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians agree to evacuate Bajor, which will become a Federation protectorate and the Federation concedes three contested planets to the Cardassians.

SD 44995.3 – 45050.4 (2368): A brief Klingon civil war occurs when the Duras family attempts to seize control of the Klingon High Council.

SD 46001.25 (2369): Cardassians withdraw from Bajor; first stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant is discovered, the Terok Nor mining station is renamed Deep Space Nine.

SD 47000.00 – 47999.99 (2370): A Federation wide "speed limit" of Warp 5 is introduced when it is discovered that warp travel is damaging normal space. Maquis terrorism begins, First Contact with the Jem’Hadar.

SD 48000.0 – 48999.99 (2371): R omulans loan the Federation a cloaking device, it is installed on board the USS Defiant NX-74205. A Romulan / Cardassian alliance against the Dominion is formed. The USS Enterprise-D is destroyed at Veridian III. Captain James T. Kirk is killed while helping Captain Picard to stop a mad scientist. The starship USS Voyager (Intrepid Class) is lost while searching for some members of the Maquis. Voyager was the first starship built to be able to travel faster than Warp 5 without damaging normal space.

SD 49000.00 – 49999.99 (2372): The Klingon Empire attacks Cardassia, ending the Khitomer Peace Accords. Amelia Earhart was discovered alive in the Delta Quadrant, by the USS Voyager. Tom Paris becomes the first human to break the transwarp barrier. The starship Enterprise-E is launched under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

SD 50000.00 – 50999.99 (2373): The USS Voyager leaves Kazon space and enters the area known as the Nekerit Expanse. The Cardassian Union forms an alliance with the Dominion. The Klingons and the Federation reinstate the Khitomer Peace Accords. The USS Enterprise helps to repel a Borg offensive into Sector 001. The Federation goes to war with the Dominion and are forced to abandon DS9 (Taro Nor). The starship is officially declared lost. The USS Voyager discovers that the Borg are fighting a race of hostile aliens (species 8472) from another dimension (fluidic space), After an encounter with species 8472, Captain Janeway establishes a temporary alliance with the Borg in order to defeat this lethal enemy.

SD 51000.00 – 51999.99 (2374): In a cunning maneuver, Starfleet destroys the Dominion’s Supply of Ketracile White in the Alpha Quadrant. A few months later a combined Klingon / Federation fleet retake Tarok Nor (DS9). The 9th Fleet is established under the command of General Martok, and DS9 is chosen to be their Headquarters. The Romulans align themselves with the Federation, and the Klingons against the Dominion.

SD 52000.00 – 52999.99 (2375): The crew of the USS Enterprise commit treason in order to protect a race of aliens called the Son’a. It is eventually discovered that key Federation members had taken part in this conspiracy against the Son’a, a direct violation of the Prime Directive. The crew of the Enterprise are cleared of all charges. The Breen join forces with the Dominion and launch a devistating series of assualts on the Federation. The starship Defiant was easily destoryed in such an assualt thanks to the Breen's new energy dampaning device. A few weeks later Captain Sisko is given command of the Defiant class starship Sao Palo. It is the first vessel built to withstand the Breen energy dampaning device. By a special order of Starfleet Command the Sao Palo is renamed the Defiant. The USS Voyager discovers another Federation starship, the USS Equinox, lost in the Delta Quadrant being attacked by a strange race from another dimension. The Voyager crew eventually learn that the race had only been attacking to protect themselves from the the crew of the Equinox. Appearently they had abanddoned the Prime Directive several years earlier. The war between the Dominion and the Federation Alliance comes to an end when a treaty is signed on station Deep Space 9.

SD 53000.00 – 53999.99 (2376): .The U.S.S. Voyager discover what happened to the Ares 4, the command module from the first manned mission to Mars. When they come upon a phenomenon that was similar to the one that was believed to have destroyed the Ares 4. Starfleet's Pathfinder project establishes contact with the USS Voyager using their new Midus communications array. Through 7 of 9, the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager discover Unimatrix-Zero. Unimatrix-Zero is a place where the Drones go during regeneration so they can exist as individuals as a result of a recessive mutation in some of the drones. When their regeneration cycle is complete they would forget all about Unimatrix-Zero. Unfortunately the Borg Queen has found out about this little hide-away is intent on destroying it. With the help of a nano virus developed by Voyager's EMH they are able to free thousands of drones from the hive mind.

SD 54000.00 (2377): Now that the U.S.S. Voyager has established two-way communications with Starfleet, Captain Janeway receives her first official assignment in seven years: Locate and retrieve the Friendship 1, a probe launched from Earth in 2067 with a message of peace to other worlds. Contact was lost 130 years ago, but its known trajectory would place it in the Delta Quadrant near Voyager's current position. After cleaning up the radiation that was released in the planet's atmosphere due to Friendship 1's crash landing. Voyager retrieves the Friendship 1 and resumes course for the Alpha Quadrant, but the success of their mission cost them the life of a crew member.

54973.4 – 54999.99: The U.S.S. Voyager detects high neutrino emissions indicative of a wormhole. Seven later tells the crew that the center of a nearby nebula may contain hundreds of wormholes, any of which could lead to the Alpha Quadrant. Voyager enters the murky nebula and barely misses colliding with a Borg Cube. Captain Janeway orders the ship out of the nebula, refusing to go back despite Ensign Kim's appeal to not give up on those wormholes. Sometime after resuming their course to the Alpha Quadrant Voyager encounters a

temporal rift is forming in front of the ship, and Klingon weapons fire is being detected. But then a Federation vessel comes through the rift and hails Voyager. Captain Janeway sees the older version of herself on the viewscreen, ordering her to emit an anti-tachyon pulse from the deflector to close the rift before the Klingons come through. Startled, the Captain hesitantly fulfills that order and seals the rift, then asks what the hell is going on. Admiral Janeway says she's come to bring Voyager home. What she doesn't realize is that the Borg Queen is monitoring her transmission.

Admiral Janeway beams aboard Voyager and meets her younger self, and is moved to see a healthy Tuvok and Chakotay again. In Janeway's Ready Room, the Admiral reveals to the Captain that Voyager did eventually make it back to Earth after another 16 years, and the ship became a museum on the grounds of the Presidio. But the Admiral came to tell Captain Janeway to take Voyager back to the nebula as a shortcut home, using technology she brought to get past the Borg. The Captain wonders why she would want to tamper with the time-line, but the Admiral asks for her trust. In Sickbay, the Doctor confirms that the Admiral is genetically identical to the Captain, but 26 years older. He has also detected an implant in her brain, which the Admiral reveals the Doctor himself invented in the future to allow her to pilot a vessel with a neural interface. Seven of Nine enters — to an emotional greeting from the Admiral — reporting that the armor and weapons technology on the shuttle can be adapted for Voyager, and the Captain orders it done.

The crew busily upgrades the ship with the futuristic technology, and feels optimistic they might actually make it home this time. When Seven takes a break to regenerate, she is visited in her mind by the Borg Queen, who warns her not to let Voyager return to the nebula or it will be destroyed. Seven wakes up violently in her sparking alcove, and upon being cared for by the Doctor, reports the Queen's warning to the two Janeways. The Admiral insists the Borg are 30 years behind compared to the technology and tactics she's brought, so the Captain maintains course for the nebula.

When Voyager approaches the murky nebula, Captain Janeway orders the armor deployed, and the ship's hull is completely covered. Three Borg Cubes engage the starship, but their weapons fire is repelled. They scan the ship, then focus their fire on a specific section of the armor which weakens it. Voyager responds with the launch of transphasic torpedoes, which completely obliterate the Cubes with one or two shots each. Voyager then finds the center of the nebula, where the crew sees a massive Borg structure. Admiral Janeway orders Paris to enter an aperture in the structure, but Captain Janeway belays that order until she gets an explanation. Seven of Nine reveals the structure is a transwarp hub, one of only six in the galaxy. Angered that the Admiral didn't tell her about this, she orders the ship out of the nebula.

The crew learns the hub connects thousands of transwarp conduits to endpoints in every quadrant of the galaxy, perhaps the most significant tactical advantage the Borg have. Captain Janeway wants to know how to destroy it. But Admiral Janeway strongly objects to any such attempt, and insists on taking the ship home before the Collective can counteract the armor and weapons. The Captain pulls the Admiral aside and wonders how she got so cynical, arguing that they have a chance to save millions of lives. The Admiral reminds her of the decision that got her ship stranded in the first place, putting the lives of strangers ahead of her own crew. The Captain is willing to make the same kind of decision, but then the Admiral tells her that Seven of Nine is going to die. And her husband, Chakotay, will never be the same, and neither will Janeway. Along with 22 other casualties, Tuvok will succumb to a degenerative neurological condition that he hasn't told her about. She can prevent all that and get home today safe and sound.

Captain Janeway approaches Tuvok about his condition, and learns he can only be cured by mind-melding with members of his own family. But she also learns that Tuvok would rather destroy the hub than save himself. Even Seven of Nine refuses to listen to the Admiral's argument. In fact, the entire crew agrees that they'll allow their journey to take longer if they can accomplish something they believe in. The Admiral had forgotten how much the crew loved being together, and admits she was wrong to talk the Captain out of something she had set her mind to. But then the Captain proposes that there might be a way to "have their cake and eat it too."

The Admiral boards the shuttle, and the Captain injects her with a hypospray. The Admiral takes the shuttle through one of the hub's apertures and enters the Unicomplex where the Borg Queen resides. Using her neural interface, she enters the mind of the Borg Queen and tries to make a deal with her, in order to save the Voyager crew from themselves. She wants to Queen to send a Cube to tractor Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant, in exchange for telling her how to adapt to the transphasic torpedoes. But the Queen detects the Admiral's shuttle, beams her over and injects her with assimilation tubules. Meanwhile Voyager deploys its armor and enters one of the transwarp hub's apertures. While the Admiral is being assimilated, the Queen orders vessels to intercept Voyager. But she realizes she no longer has control over the Collective. She realizes that when Admiral Janeway was assimilated, she released a neurolytic pathogen into the Collective, designed to bring "chaos to order." While in a transwarp corridor, Voyager launches its transphasic weapons and begins to collapse the transwarp hub. The Borg Queen, meanwhile, begins to literally lose parts of her own body as her Unicomplex begins to crumble in an array of explosions.

In the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Paris and the present-day Barclay detect a transwarp aperture opening up less than a light-year from Earth, and every ship in range is ordered to converge there. In the collapsing transwarp corridor, a Borg Sphere bears down on Voyager as its armor begins to fail. Captain Janeway orders Lt. Paris to adjust course. The Borg Sphere emerges into the Alpha Quadrant and Starfleet vessels begin firing upon it. But then it explodes in a spectacular fireball, and Voyager emerges from within the debris intact. Admiral Paris welcomes Janeway back home, and promises him a full report. Meanwhile, a baby is being born in Sickbay — Tom and B'Elanna's daughter. Paris is dismissed from his duties so that he can meet his new child and Captain Janeway orders Chakotay to take the helm and set a course for home. The Starfleet armada then escorts the long-lost Voyager back to Earth.

SD 55000.00 – 55999.99 (2378):

SD 56000.00 - 56999.99 (2379):