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Transphasic Torpedoes

The transphasic torpedo is an addition to the compliment of quantum torpedoes among some of Starfleets newer Starships. It utilizes a Zero Point Energy warhead and a transphasic generator, which allows it penetrate a combat shield system more efficiently than even the quantum torpedo. As a result of the transphasic generator the torpedo is able to change its phased frequency on a continueous and random setting. At the time of detonation the torpedo comes out of phase and detonates. The ZPE warhead itself delivers an explosive yield that is ten times that of a quantum torpedo. As a result the Transphasic torpedo is the curently the most powerful weapon in Starfleet's arsenal.

Transphasic torpedo launchers are simply a modified standard torpedo launchers. The Victory class starship uses the new type 5 launcher burst fire tube - a variant on the type 4 photon burst fire model. The type 5 is capable of launching a dozen torpedoes simultaneously.