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Alexandria Sarah Bensen-Francis

Personel Record:
Rank: Captain
Age:   29
Race: Alcaren
Gender: Female
Position: CO of the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Married to Michael Francis
Parents: Lady Lisa Bensen (missing) and Alexer Bensen (deceased)
Siblings: Alexander Bensen
Children: Guardian of Sarah Tehillah

Service Record:
U.S.S. Gold
Star Fleet Command
Questor 1 Command
U.S.S. Huron
U.S.S. Ark Royal
U.S.S. Baskerville A
U.S.S. Ark Royal

**Report given by Former Captain Esther Tehillah**
"Alexandria is a smart women with determination. She makes friends quickly and tries to be happy at all times. Alexandria is dedicated to making people feel better, as part of her medical profession, but she also tries to be a friend to the people who come to her for medical attention. Her biggest down falling is her pride. At times she can be prone to frustration, I believe the root of that is the pride that seems to be continually with her. But very rarely dose she allow this pride to cloud her judgment when other people are involved."

Alexandria Francis was born Alexandria Sarah Bensen to Lord and Lady Bensen. She and her twin brother were both named Alex because of a tradition in her family. Alexandria grew up in Asly Alcar, which is her home worlds capital city. Her education was the finest that Alcar could provide. At the age of 3 she had already made her decision of who she was going to become. She wished to be a Doctor and to fly in the stars. She had met many aliens by that time as she was nearly always at court and saw the ambassadors coming in and out. Recognizing her dream and talent her parents allowed her to focused her education around her dreams. this allowed her to be a fully licensed Doctor by the time she was 14. She studies alien cultures and found she wished to be a part of Star Fleet. It took a year and a half for Star Fleet to even look at her application. Finally she was accepted in to Star Fleet nearly the age of 16 now.

Though she was a licensed Doctor on her home world, and Star Fleet recognized that license they still required her to take at least a minor in medical training. Alexandria found many things she wanted to be a part of, with that in mind she took intelligence classes the last two years at Star Fleet Academy. She graduated at 19, and was selected along with two others from her class to attend more in depth training with Intelligence.

At nearly 22 she finished that training and began to work in her medical field. First on the USS Gold as a Assistant CMO. Though ranked only Lt JG she quickly made her mark and was noticed by her ingenuity. With a promotion to Lt Alexandria was transferred to a Star base controlled by intelligence to be a medical officer there. She earned a promotion there quickly. She was made head of her team for 2 years.

She was 25 when Star Fleet command requested her to act as a Ambassador from her people for a few months, while on that assignment she made it to SBQ1 which was commanded by Mayla Marie, who Alexandria knew was the heir to the Alcaren throne.

After her work and help as an ambassador she received a promotion to Captain and placed on the USS Huron as a temp CMO. Many officers were skittish about making her a Captain. She was only 27 at that time. When the Huron was destroyed, Alexandria became the guardian of Sarah Tehillah. By this time Mayla Marie has become Queen of Alcar and had not had Children yet. As Tradition stated She must name a heir, Alexandria's Brother would have been the most likely candidate, but he was married to Mayla. Traditionally he would not take the throne unless he had to. After the destruction of the Huron, Alexandria reluctantly took the confirmation as heir to the Alcaren Throne.

During her visit home a virus spread on her home world. The USS Ark Royal was sent to Help, as its CMO was also an Alcaren Noble, Jasmine Raja. Abroad the USS Ark Royal, it was found that all the Alcarens expect Yasmine and K'Ter Raja had the virus. Humans were also catching it, the ship soon be came running with the virus. In an attempt to find out who it was who was responsible for letting this virus on her home world Alexandria was questions, as she had been involved with secretive things in the past. Alexandria's father had reached a breaking point, he was the one responable, and made an attempt on Alexandria and the Queen. In the end Alexer was killed, a burden which layed on Alexandria. Her father was placed in memeory as a trator to the crown, and the name Alexer Bensen lost its respect and honor. In their action durring the fight and pluge Alexandria and Alexander were able to retain to respect and honor they had always had.

Finding her self wrapped in the darker side of Star Fleet politics she was demoted to the rank of Commander. Alexandria was in fact relived with the fact she was demoted as Alexandria was soon married to Mike Francis, then the 1st officer of the USS Ark Royal.  Star Fleet allowed them to command the USS Ark Royal, her as the new 1st officer and Mike as the Captain. A few months later Intelligence pulled them from the Ark Royal and put them in command of the USS Baskerville A.

Recently Alexandria was again assigned to the USS Ark Royal as her 1st officer. When Commander Raxion was called to return to her home Alexandria was make the Ark Royals commanding officer and promoted to Captain again.

Note: Sarah Tehillah remained on Alcar to attend a medical college, and is under the temporary care of Mayla Marie and her husband Alexander Bensen-Marie.


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