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Mau Schider

Personel Record:
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Age:   25
Race: Teli
Gender: Female
Position: Chief Science Officer, U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Married to Niano Svens
Parents: Renix Schider (father, age 55); Lenna Schider( Mother, deceased); Princess Ty Raxion (Step-mother, age 35)
Siblings: None
Children: Not Quite Yet

Service Record:
USS Titan
USS Ark Royal

**Report given by Mau's mentor, Admiral Kara Bird**
Mau is a friendly and patient woman. She is wise beyond her years and unafraid of good hard work. She seems eager to get her hands dirty- both literally and figuratively. She's a good listener and, honestly, I would have suggested she look into counseling except for the fact that her science scores are so high, they are almost to high to rank. She has few weaknesses, but she DOES tend to be too trusting of people. She trusts where other people never would, which could get her into trouble in the future. She is also quite stubborn and strong willed, which can be used to her advantage just as long as she has good superiors who recognize this and are able to push her in the right direction.

Being Compiled

Notes: Being Compiled


Simmer Improvement Award

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