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Talef Argon

Personel Record:
Rank: Commander
Age:   45
Race: Edoan
Gender: Male
Position: Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Ark Royal
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Edef and Dora Argon (dec.)
Siblings: Odex Argon, brother
Children: None

Service Record:

USS Amistad


U.S.S. Ark Royal

Being Compiled


Talef grew up on an Edoan colony world.  He had always had an interest in tinkering with things, building a bit of this, a bit of that, making it all out of whatever he could find.  He had an honest living as such in a quiet sector of space.  That was until the Dumari came to "settle" their "colony world".  Since Edos was not officially part of the Federation, and neither was this particular colony, they found themselves at the mercy of the Dumari, at least temporarily.


Edos, immediately appealed to the Federation, which responded with a political maneuver designed to persuade Edos that the Federation was better than the Dumari, the USS Kongo was sent to retrieve the colonists.   


The Dumari, a race with no home planet anymore, had become more nomadic and warlike as their population had dwindled.  They proved their own untrustworthiness soon after the Kongo arrived.  They allowed the Kongo to beam up the colonists, and then attacked once its shields were down.  The ship became chaos within moments.  Talef was in the first load of colonists, and seeing the chaos, did his best to pitch in to help everyone. 


His help was instrumental in securing the ship.  His civilian clothes did not deter the crew from accepting his suggestions.  His casual, natural way with others allowed the chaos to pass and order to be restored in engineering, even after the chief had been killed.  He had a knack for seeing the easy answer to a problem, if not necessarily understanding the physics of making it work, instantly.  He had a way of understanding technology intuitively.  Not the technical specs, but the flow of it, the logic behind it.  An almost intuitive sense of how machines were meant to function.   


He remained aboard after the colonists had been returned to Edos, fascinated by the new technology, and it's potential.  He had been helpful in working with the crew to understand their engine room a bit better, as a functional whole, not as the collection of pieces and astrophysics they took it for.  He actually managed to improve their normal efficiency.  The captain insisted he stay on, preferably as an engineer, but Talef, content to tinker, declined, staying on board only as a consultant.   


Once the Kongo put in for repairs and refitting Talef had seen enough of shipboard life to be enamored with it's own flow, and felt good to be an influential part of a great machine that was a starship, seeing it as systems within systems.  The captain used his pull to get Argon sent to engineering branch school, where he got mediocre evaluations.  His interest was always more on the flow than the specs, which got him through, but a little differently than his instructors had in mind.  He graduated with a good rank and was given a posting.  His efficiency reports staggered the captain and thrilled the crew.  After a short time proving himself, a posting came up aboard the USS Amistad.  Sorry to lose his engineer, but looking to furthering his career, the captain made him take it.   


Admiral D’Tral Nimmon commanded the USS Amistad, which served in Liberty Fleet.  Admiral Nimmon took to Argon’s efficiency immediately.  Argon served there until the destruction of the USS Amistad in 2373. Admiral Nimmon died to save his ship, and the USS Ark Royal from destruction at the hands of the Romulans.  The Captain of the USS Ark Royal, one John S. Renalt was a long time friend of Admiral Nimmon.  He offered any crew that wanted to stay onboard a place, in memory of Admiral Nimmon.  Argon, never before having seen a ship like the Ark, agreed enthusiastically.  While not initially familiar with Quantum Technology, he picked it up very quickly.  Argon became known for feats of engineering which scared some people, but which ultimately worked.  When the Executive Officer moved on in 2374, Captain Renalt chose Argon as his XO. 


Argon served as Exec on the USS Ark Royal until Renalt’s daughter went missing in 2375.  Renalt left his command and his commission and began a quest to find her at all costs.  Argon was granted Captaincy of the USS Ark Royal. 


Argon remained the CO of the Ark until a conspiracy came to his attention.  The very ideals of Starfleet were being threatened by a mystery organization called Section 31.  They supposedly were part of Starfleet Intelligence, but Argon could not believe what they had been doing.  His own XO had been a part of them at one point, and had terrible tales of his own as to what they had been doing.   Argon took a personal leave of absence to investigate the matter more fully.  What he found led him back to his old Commanding Officer. Renalt’s daughter had been sacrificed to the Borg as part of an experiment to destroy them.  Argon informed Renalt and, now teamed up, did more investigation.   

By this time, the organization had decided to try to recruit another officer on the Ark Royal.  They had dispatched a pair of operatives to the Ark to retrieve him.  Argon, Renalt, and the old Tactical Officer of the Ark, having come across this information in their diggings, intercepted them and faked their deaths to be able to interrogate them.  Renalt made sure to keep Argon out of anything too illegal, or unsavory. 


S31 sent another team to the Ark, and they retrieved the officer.  By this time, Renalt had a confession from one of the agents.  They sped to the Ark to reveal the information that this agency was not actually part of Section 31, though the real S31 did exist through SFI.  Together again, they chased down the agents, and in a dramatic showdown, defeated them and saved the USS Ark Royal from self-destruction. 


The ship needed repairs, and was ordered to dock at Starbase T’Plana-Hath while investigations were carried out, and personnel interviewed.  Argon was removed for deposition, and the records regarding the matter were sealed.  Argon was discredited for the action he took in league with Renalt and Rhoon, and demoted to the rank of Lt Commander.  Not without friends, Argon was allowed to return aboard the Ark Royal as the Chief Engineer, where he had had such success before.


He now has the stigma of having lost a captaincy and a two-rank demotion, the circumstances of which he cannot discuss, even to present his own side of it…the tell-tale signs of a cover-up.  For now, he is happy enough to be able to be where it all started.  In the Engine Room.


He was recently promoted to Commander again and given the position of XO for the USS Ark Royal,



Presidential CitationBridge Certification AwardBorg VictoryBoarding Repulsion

Delta Quadrant ExpansionPurple Heart AwardStarfleet Victory AwardEngineering Achievement Award